Battlesnake Developer Update — March 2021

Battlesnake Developer Update — March 2021

March was a very heads down month for the dev team as we worked to build out more features for the platform and start preparing for all the great stuff that is coming after Spring League finishes.

Arena Improvements

The arena leaderboard views got a major overhaul this month with both a visual update and some serious performance improvements under the hood. The leaderboard itself is much cleaner than before and now shows more results on the screen. Another core element of these UI improvements is the new details dialog that pops up when you click on a Battlesnake on the leaderboard.

Revised arena leaderboard UI

We are now showing more information about each Battlesnake such as developer country, affiliations, win rates and tech tags. In addition, there are now charts showing the historical performance of the Battlesnake over the last 14 days, including win rate, ranking change and points.

Favorite Games

Many Battlesnake users find some amazing and interesting games on the platform and often share them with the community. To help with this we have added a new feature, currently in beta, that we call Favorite Games. Users can now save these special games to a Favorite Games list on their profile. Just click on the Add to Favorites button at the bottom of the game view, give the game a title and it will be saved to your profile. The best part is that once a game is added to a favorites list, it will persist in the system and no longer expire!

New Add to Favorites button

We will be expanding this feature in the future with more elements such as tags and a rating system. If you have your own ideas for the feature, share them with us in Discord.

Creating a favorite game

Battlesnake Discord

As explained recently we are centralizing the Battlesnake community on our Discord server. As part of this process, we are experimenting with more direct integrations between the Battlesnake Platform and our community Discord server. In March, we added the #activity-feed channel which users can follow to see special platform activity events pop up. Currently, it is showing Battlesnake promotions on the Spring League ladders as well as activity related to Showdowns. We will be adding more events in the future as well as a way to better link your Battlesnake account with your Discord account.

That’s all for now. If you have any questions, reach out to us on the Battlesnake Discord server.