Battlesnake Developer Update - June 2021

Battlesnake Developer Update - June 2021

June brought the launch of Summer League and our first competition with a focus on the royale game mode. While the launch of the new league drew most of the focus for the team in June,  we managed to squeeze in a few new features and improvements for the Battlesnake platform.

Summer League Caster's Crown

The Battlesnake Casting Crew had a lot of fun during Spring League, running side tournaments using Battlesnakes they fantasy drafted from the competition ladders. For Summer League, we decided to iterate on the concept and combine it with our Showdowns feature to create something new for Snake Pit Live episodes. Something we call the Caster's Crown Competition.

Each of our casters is now leading a house and during SPL episodes they call for  champions to pledge their Battlesnake to their cause and battle for valuable points!

Caster Houses from Summer League
The Caster Houses

We plan to keep developing this idea and look for more ways for our caster crew to interact directly with each league and the participants!

User Profile Changes

We feel that Battlesnake user profiles are an important place for the community to express themselves and showcase their skills. To that end, we have added some new features to better support this.


There is a new profile field that allows you to provide your pronouns and the string you put in this field will be presented publicly on your user profile.

Example of pronouns on the user profile

Backstory New Lines

A few users have mentioned to us that they would like more control over how they can structure longer backstories on their profile. To support that, we have added proper rendering support for line breaks in your backstories.  When editing your profile, just add line breaks as necessary and these will be reflected on the public version of your profile page.

Developer Streaming on Twitch

Are you interested in doing some live Battlesnake coding on  If so make sure to include battlesnake in the stream title and we will automatically showcase your stream on as well as post when your stream goes live in the Battlesnake Discord server. Already we've seen several developers trying their hand at public coding with a variety of technology stacks ranging from serverless Typescript to strange self-hosted Bash script monstrosities. We love these weird and educational experiments, and love even more that you are sharing them with the world! Help us help you spread the word by putting battlesnake in your next stream title.

Battlesnake Events Calendar

With the growing number of Battlesnake streams, community-driven events, and of course important dates for the Competitive Season, we realized it can be hard to keep track of everything.  To help make things a little bit easier, we have launched  the Official Battlesnake Community Calendar, containing everything important that is going on with Battlesnake.

Subscribe to the Calendar for regular updates and the ability to get notified when future events and streams are added.

That’s all for now. If you have any questions, reach out to us on the Battlesnake Discord server.