Battlesnake Raises $1.5M to Build eSports for Developers

Today, the Battlesnake team is excited to announce $1.5M in funding to build gaming and eSports for developers.

Battlesnake Raises $1.5M to Build eSports for Developers

Today, the Battlesnake team is excited to announce $1.5M in funding to build gaming and eSports for developers.

Elite Division Finals, Summer League 2021

In 2019 we began working on Battlesnake full-time, launching, an "always-on" version of Battlesnake that could be played by any developer, anywhere, at any time. In 2020, we launched the Global Battlesnake Arena and our Seasonal Competitive Leagues.

Since then over 10,000 developers have played 10 million games of Battlesnake, both in person and online. Beyond that, more than 50,000 friends, kids, parents, and colleagues have watched public competitions, cheering, witnessing heartbreak, and celebrating success.

It's humbling and inspiring to think that this all began in a small classroom, in a small community, simply as a fun way for experienced programmers to spend a Saturday. We've truly come a long way :)

Battlesnake Victoria, 2016

Our mission is simple.

We believe programming should be fun for everyone, and that even the most experienced programmers deserve a platform for self-directed learning and exploration that is entertaining, playful, and naturally collaborative.

To help us build and grow, we've raised $1.5M led by Madrona Venture Group β€” a firm that has supported tech in the Pacific Northwest for over 20 years. The team at Madrona is a wonderful partner, and we're thrilled to be working with them. This funding round also includes Liquid 2, Ascend, members of 200 OK, and many veteran angel investors in the developer and gaming space.

Battlesnake: Coding Badly, Thursdays on Twitch

The Battlesnake community is one of the best.

Battlesnake has a unique ability to bring together developers of all backgrounds and experiences, and to foster collaboration and technical exploration unlike anything else. Our Discord is packed with people helping each other, and our live streams have more laughs than most. Battlesnake developers are staggeringly dedicated to pushing the boundaries of the game and giving back to the community.

Now, we have an opportunity to bring Battlesnake to hundreds of thousands of developers worldwide.

Battlesnake Casting Crew, Playing "Facesnake"

In the last few years, the world has changed dramatically, with coding resources and education becoming free and accessible to nearly everyone. The number of tools, platforms, and services for developers is also increasing at an incredible pace, and there's been an immense rise in developer content creators on platforms like Twitch, YouTube, and even Instagram.

We believe this is just beginning, and that the way experienced developers interact with programming is changing forever.

What's next for Battlesnake?

Our team has grown, and we're already working on some really fun changes and developer experience updates, including better support for local Battlesnake development and multi-cloud support for developers outside North America. Stay tuned here, and follow along on GitHub to see what's coming next.

Best of all, registration for the Battlesnake Fall League is now open!

Thanks to everyone who's helped us get here!

To our wonderful community contributors, including Xtagon, Nettogrof, Smallsco, Hegberg, and nhcarrigan, to top players like Pruzze, Pretzel, and Tofu, and finally to our amazing partners AWS, RBC, and GitHub β€” thank you πŸ™ for your support and trust as we take Battlesnake to the next stage.

Join the Battlesnake Community for more!

Whether you're a student, a professional developer, or just a fan of competitive programming, there is a place for you in our online community. Follow us on Twitter, YouTube, and Twitch, or join us on Discord and GitHub.

The Battlesnake Team

We hope that you'll join us in sharing Battlesnake with a global audience, and we look forward to seeing you around the community.

Thanks for reading!
Brad, Chris, Aurora, Darcy, Rob, Sherri, Andrew, and Joe