Fall League Leaderboard Update: The Fight for Fan Favorite

Fall League Leaderboard Update:  The Fight for Fan Favorite

As the number of competitors continues to rise, and the fight for fan favorite heats up, new Top Tier Bhumbas begin their quest for Fall League supremacy and a place in the Competitive Tournaments beginning November 13th.

Top Tier Bhumbas of the Week

With many of the same Battlesnakes at the top of the leaderboard again this week, we were excited to see so many of them locked in for the competitive tournaments, and some of our favorites of the season moving up from the Platinum to Elite Tier!

Elite Top Tier Bhumbas

While Pruzze v2, Salazar Slitherin, and WhitishMeteor have been locked in to the top tier tournament since last week, we were thrilled to see three more competitors cross the 7000 point threshold to join the Elite Tournament as of this update, with Cobra Kai Never Die, haspid and Nessegrev-gamma moving up the ladder to join their compatriots in purple.

Platinum Top Tier Bhumbas

This week also saw some great additions to the Platinum Tournament, with Pea Eater and 😎 Nerdy Caterpillar πŸ› joined by nomblegomble who has been near the top of the leaderboard for weeks. A relative surprise addition this week was pacevedo, who after joining the competition just over a week ago (following their finish as the Top Battlesnake in the 2021 Kubecon Cup) moved up 9 spots this week to claim the most recent spot in the Platinum Tournament.

Battlesnakes to Watch

Considering the high level of competition in the Fall League so far, and the razor thin margins between top competitors, our recent Battlesnakes to Watch segments have focused primarily on those competitors sitting on the edge of the Top 10.

This week; however, we thought it would be a great idea to return to exploring further down the leaderboard for Battlesnakes who are making waves in the competition after a relatively short period of time.

SnakeDrop by EbbDrop

First up we have SnakeDrop by Beligan Developer EbbDrop, who after joining the competition less than a week ago has risen quickly to 18th spot on the leaderboard. Currently sitting with win rate of 56.72% after 707 games, if SnakeDrop is able to able maintain their streak, they stand to end near the top of the leaderboard, potentially overtaking Pruzze V2 who has a win rate of 52.14%.

Killer whale by xavierraffin

A new addition to the 2021 Fall League, but a veteran developer with more than a year of Battlesnake experience, Killer whale by xavierraffin may have joined the competition only 3 days ago, but has rocketed up the leaderboard to land in 66th place. Currently sitting in the Silver tier, they'll likely not stay there for long, as with a win rate of 59% they currently have the best win-loss ratio in the league.

Fighting for Fall League Fan Favorite

For those competitors seeking the elusive title of Fall League Fan Favorite, 13 Cheers was the number to beat this week to overtake sharptooth as everyone's favorite Battlesnake. Unfortunately, while none were able to meet that challenge, fans were certainly showing their love, with Demifemme, Rocket Scarf, Devious Devin, Nessegrev-gamma, sharptooth and Pruzze V2 all tied for Fan Favorite with 13 Cheers moving into the new month of battle.

Casters Crown Competition

All throughout the 2021 Fall League our spectacular Snake Pit Live! casting crew has been engaged in their equally spectacular side-competition, with Fall League competitors teaming up to support their favorite Caster in a little something we like to call the Fall League Casters Crown Championship Β πŸ‘‘

Moving into the final week of Casters Crown competition, it was House of Chris in the lead with 500 points, trailed closely by House of Joe with 460 and the House of Aileen and House of Curtis tied with 340 points but ready to snatch the crown and claim the title of Fall League Casters Crown Champion 🀴 πŸ‘Έ

Find out which Snake Pit Live! Caster reigned supreme in the 2021 Fall League Casters Crown Championship in the Twitch VOD from the last SPL stream below.

Thanks for Reading and Happy Battlesnaking!

As always, a huge thank you to our amazing Community, and to our wonderful partners at RBC, GitHub, and AWS who make these competitions possible β€οΈβ€Œ