Fall League Leaderboard Update: The Lead Widens

Fall League Leaderboard Update: The Lead Widens

With 2 full weeks of competition now behind us, twenty more snakes registered for competition, and just over a month of epic Battlesnake action left to go, Top Tier Bhumba's continue to solidify their place on the Fall League leaderboard while also leaving plenty of room for newcomers and fan favourites to gain a spot in the final tournament in November.

Week 2 Top Tier Bhumbas

Battlesnakes on the top of the leaderboard often trade places throughout the week, but with 20 more competitors, and substantially more battles fought, the distance between the top competitors in the league continues to grow.

Nowhere is this more evident than with this weeks top competitor Pruzze who has overtaken Week 1 leader kudu by a sizeable 600 point lead (at the time of writing), and leaving substantial margin between those two snakes and the remainder of the pack.

Pruzze wasn't the only competitor having a great week; however, as we also saw popular Battlesnake Twitch streamer penelopezone break in to the Top 10 in time for this update, and the rocketship known as smallsco come out of nowhere land in 7th place.

Rounding things out, Battlesnake newcomers Johnny Lawrence and jlafayette also moved up 3 spots from last week, with veteran competitors Hegberg and Nettogrof holding steady, and two Summer League favorites—MetadataSnakes and Butterfly Tamer —dropping down the leaderboard, with the former landing at 8th place, and the later falling out of the Top 10 completely.

Battlesnakes to Watch

Although some of last weeks Battlesnakes to Watch moved into the top tier this week, many of those to watch as we transition into Week 3 of competition remain similar to those reported in the last leaderboard update, with Butterfly Tamer only a few spots away from a return to the Top 10, and jhawthorn, ELynx, and exizt holding steady on the board, poised to soon obtain the 3000 points they need to move into the Gold tier.

Of all the competitors this week who sut on the edges of the Top 10, though, it is the relarively unknown testtestuser2 who may be the one to watch most closely, as while not on the radar last week they seem well positioned to take over one of the lower Top 10 positions (at least!) within the week.

New Awesome League, New Awesome Names

When new developers begin participating in Battlesnake competitiom, we often see a lot of names like "TestSnake" and "Snake123", but as we move into the third week of this competition, we can already see that this is not the case for the 2021 Fall League, where the Battlrsnake Name Game is nearly as strong as comeptitive play on the game board.

Check out some of these spectacular Battlesnake names which can be found on the current Fall League leaderboard:

Caster House Crown
The Battlesnake

As we reported last week, the Battlesnake Casting Crew are once again seeking champions to aid their house in becoming the Caster Champion for Fall League.

Each Battlesnake that reaches the final round of a Showdown earns 20 points for their house while the Battlesnake that wins the Showdown earns 100 points!

After the first stream of the season last week, the House of Joe is currently in the lead by a signficiant margin, but developers from the other houses will again have the chance to help their Caster in their pursuit of the Crown 👑  on the next Snake Pit Live! streaming October 16th.

Unable to decide on a Caster House? Try the SORTING HAT TOOL 🎩 created by nhcarrigan

Thanks for Reading and Happy Battlesnaking!

As always, a huge thank you to our amazing Community, and to our wonderful partners at RBC, GitHub, and AWS who make these competitions possible ❤️‌