Fall League Leaderboard Update: Setting the Stage for an Incredible Tournament

Fall League Leaderboard Update:  Setting the Stage for an Incredible Tournament

With just over a month of competition left to go, and more than 250 developers competing for the title of Fall League Gold, Platinum and Elite Champion, potential tournament brackets are already beginning to present themselves as competition heats up in the final weeks of the 2021 competitive season 🔥

Top Tier Bhumbas of the Week

If there is one thing that can be certain about the top of the Fall League leaderboard, it's that the Battlesnakes who currently occupy it are committed to staying there, with an ever increasing gap separating the Top Tier Bhumbas from the rest of the 2021 Fall League competitors.

Nowhere is this more true than with Pruzze v2 who now sits more than 1000 point ahead of second place Battlesnake Salazar Slitherin, who is themselves nearly 1000 points ahead of 3rd place WhitishMeteor.

Further down the leaderboard; however, the competition is much tighter with only a few hundred points separating Battlesnakes like Cobra Kai Never Die, haspid,  nomblegomble and 💀💀💀💀💀  a just a few dozen points separating Pea Eater, Nerdy Caterpillar 🐛 and Nessegrev-gamma 🐍

Competitors to Watch

With all of the back-and-forth currently happening at the top of the Fall League leaderboard, it's getting hard to highlight just a few competitors to watch moving into the new week of competition, as many of the same Battlesnakes sitting on the edge of the Top 10 have spent at least a little bit of time in one of those spots.

That said, after three weeks of competition, we can definitely identify some fierce competitors who we will likely see in the final tournament, including developers penelopezone and smallsco who despite dropping a few positions from last week, continue to annihilate much of their competition, and their compatriots exzizt and SeanRBurton who are holding steady near the Top 10 border.

Of course, we couldn't list Competitors to Watch this week without calling-out veteran Battlesnake Developer Len Payne, who came out of nowhere to break into the Top 15 Battlesnakes of the 2021 Fall League so far.

Celebrating Battlesnake Members

Just as we love to support developers through competition and community, we also love seeing the support we receive online from developers in the community, both on the Battlesnake platform and social media, and elsewhere on the web.

Perhaps one of the lesser known ways that some developers choose to support the team is through their Battlesnake Membership, an awesome initiative on play.battlesnake.com which provides participating developers with early access to features, a custom badge, and new monthly customization for their Battlesnakes.

So, as a little way to celebrate the support those developers provide to the team, we though it might be a great idea to shout out those who are currently participating in the 2021 Fall League, and check out where they are on the leaderboard.

For more information on the benefits of becoming a member, head over to play.battlesnake.com and check out the "Membership" tab under Account Settings.

Current Fan Favorite

While only a few Battlesnakes will ultimately claim the title of 2021 Fall League Champion, there is no doubt that encouragement from the community can be an incredible motivation—and in some case a reward in itself—for participating developers, no matter where they land on the leaderboard.

With that in mind, this week we wanted to highlight the current "Fan Favorite" Rocket Scarf who has received 12 cheers so far in the Fall League, and to remind everyone that you can cheer on your own favourite Battlesnake any time by clicking the heart beside their image on the leaderboard 💖

Competition for the Caster House Crown

With just over a month of Fall League competition left to go, the Snake Pit Live! Casting Crew were back at it again this past weekend, battling it out to see who will claim the ultimate title of 2021 Fall League Caster House Crown Champion 👑.

After the first SPL! stream of the season on October 2, the House of Joe was in the lead by a pretty big margin, but after a second week of competition—and thanks to the help of new game mode, some fierce Battlesnakes, and a little bit of luck— the House of Aileen, Curtis and Chris made some real headway towards closing that gap, and making the competition for the crown just a little bit tighter 👑.

Check out how those Caster Crown battles turned out, and what Aileen, Joe and Andrew got up to this weekend, in this weeks Twitch VOD below.

Snake Pit Live - Oct 16 - Fall League Caster’s Crown! - battlesnakeofficial on Twitch
battlesnakeofficial went live on Twitch. Catch up on their Software and Game Development VOD now.

Want to help your favourite caster claim the crown  👑 ? Then be sure to tune-in & compete on the next Snake Pit Live! streaming October 30th on battlesnake.tv

Thanks for Reading and Happy Battlesnaking!

As always, a huge thank you to our amazing Community, and to our wonderful partners at RBC, GitHub, and AWS who make these competitions possible ❤️‌