Meet the inaugural Developer Fellowship cohort!

Meet the inaugural Developer Fellowship cohort!

This past August, RBC & Battlesnake launched the Developer Fellowship, an exciting new initiative aimed at recognizing and supporting women and non-binary developers across Canada in launching the next stage of their professional (and of course their Battlesnake) journey.

While we officially welcomed these amazing developers to the Fellowship back in 2021, before the 2022 competitive season kicks off, we wanted to formally introduce them to the community in the most Battlesnake way possible: through their spectacular sense of humour!

Meet the Fellowship

and learn some hilarious (battle) snake jokes at the same time!

Ashleigh Logan

Why do snakes do stand-up comedy? Because they're hissssterical.

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Crislana Rafael

What is a snake's favorite school subject? Hisstory

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Mae Berris

What is another word for a python? A mega-bite.

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Sarah Brown

What do snakes do when they get angry? They throw a hissy fit.

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Shahana Kabir

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