New: Battlesnake Membership

A new way to support the Battlesnake community

New: Battlesnake Membership
Update: As of December 2021 the Battlesnake Membership is no longer available.

We were humbled by the response from our community, and ultimately decided there are better ways to serve and reward everyone in the Battlesnake Community rather than limiting a few rewards to those able to support us financially.

Stay tuned for future updates as we implement these ideas and more!

A new way to support the Battlesnake community

Many community members have asked how they can best support the community and platform. Some have offered donations, purchased custom merchandise, and even subscribed on Twitch!

We are incredibly grateful for their generosity, and this year we decided we’d like to offer something better…

Starting this month, you can choose to support Battlesnake by becoming an official Battlesnake Member.

Members will receive unique customizations each month and will be involved in (and invited to provide feedback on) early testing of new game modes, challenges, etc. Our hope is to continuously expand upon what it means to be a member as our community grows.

Membership is completely optional, costs $5/month, and can be cancelled at any time. To say thank you, you’ll also receive the new “mask” head and “virus” tail just for subscribing :-)

“mask” head and “virus” tail (Member Exclusive)

Our goal is to give community members who wish to support Battlesnake a rewarding way to do so. We’re committed to Battlesnake being free for everyone, and paid members will never receive any competitive advantages or preferential treatment in competition.

If you’d like to become a Battlesnake Member, you can subscribe on your Account Settings page.


The Battlesnake Team