New Season, New Leagues, and a Growing Global Community

An introduction to the Battlesnake 2021 Competitive Season

New Season, New Leagues, and a Growing Global Community

An introduction to the Battlesnake 2021 Competitive Season

Registration for Battlesnake Spring League 2021 has begun, and before the competition kicks off on February 18th we wanted to announce our plans for 2021 and some upcoming changes to Battlesnake.

We’re pretty excited about what’s coming, and we hope you will be too :-)

2021 Seasonal Leagues and Winter Classic

The Battlesnake 2021 Competitive Season will consist of three seasonal Leagues: Spring, Summer, and Fall. Each League will have its own leaderboard, prizes, and unique challenges — and of course, live broadcasts :)

Each League will conclude with a live tournament and crowned champions. Tournaments are one of the most exciting parts of Battlesnake, and we’re excited to make them even better this year.

Our Spring League begins February 18th and ends April 17th. Developers can register now to reserve their spot on the leaderboard. Be sure to watch the welcome show, live on Twitch on Thursday, February 18th, for all the details.

Spring League 2021 begins February 18th and ends April 17th

In addition to the seasonal Leagues, the Battlesnake Winter Classic will return later this year. We hope it will be the largest and most competitive Battlesnake event ever. It’s scheduled for mid-December, and more details will be announced this fall. Be prepared!

New Features and Platform Updates

Our team is excited to experiment with some new ideas in 2021. Here are some of the new things we’ve been working on!

We’d like to introduce better ways for Battlesnake developers to represent themselves and their communities. To this end, when registering for a League you’ll now have the option to represent an organization of your choice, such as a school, student group, company, or engineering team.

You’ll also have the option to have your organization “featured” on the League leaderboard, with unique branding and representation. This is an optional paid feature intended for companies and organizations wishing to compete in an official capacity and show off their engineering expertise.

We’re treating both of these features as experiments during Spring League, and we’re eager to hear all of your feedback. If you have questions or would like to be a featured organization, please get in touch.

Replacing Rookie, Veteran, and Elite Divisions with Earned Tiers

Starting with Spring League, we’re going to replace competitive divisions with a new tiered leaderboard system. Developers who perform the best on the leaderboard will earn the titles of Rookie, Veteran, Elite, etc. based on their competitive performance, rather than their perceived skill level.

With this change, we hope to remove the anxiety attached to joining highly competitive divisions and create a more inclusive and welcoming ranking system where everyone can succeed on their own terms. We’ll share more once Spring League begins and the new system is live.

New Season, New Partners!

Finally, we want to officially announce our Annual Partners for the 2021 Competitive Season: AWS, RBC, GitHub, and

Our Annual Partners make Battlesnake possible — thank you!

Battlesnake could not exist without the support of these awesome organizations, so please extend a warm thanks to let them know you appreciate their support :)

Thanks for reading, and see you on the 2021 leaderboards!

The Battlesnake Team & Casting Crew
Brad, Chris, Noah, Aurora, Andrew, Joe, Rachel, Shannon, Kerri, Caster Curse Curtis, Aileen the Prize Queen, and Chris “Edible Socks” C.