Prepare for Battle: The 2021 Battlesnake Cascadia Cup is almost here!

Prepare for Battle: The 2021 Battlesnake Cascadia Cup is almost here!

Battlesnake is excited to be partnering with CascadiaJS, the Pacific Northwest JavaScript Conference, for the first ever Battlesnake Cascadia Cup.

Featured as part of the CascadiaJS 2021 Pre-Conference festivities on November 1st, the Cascadia Cup is an opportunity for Battlesnake Developers new and old to have some fun while competing for fame and glory in the Battlesnake arena.

Virtual doors for the Battlesnake Hack Day open at 9:30am PDT, after which new developers will have the chance to learn how to code their Battlesnake (in any language they choose) at the morning workshop which begins at 10:00am PDT.

Then at 7:00pm PDT, after a day of Hacking, competitors and fans alike can join us over on Battlesnake.TV as we pit these robo-snakes against each other in an amazing tournament that will be live streamed on Twitch!

Although participants should have a base-level of comfort writing code in at least one programming language, no experience is necessary! Starter project templates, free hosting options, and a tutorial session are all provided.

Amazing Rewards just for Participating!

While only four snakes will be eligible for prizes after they face-off against each other in the finals, all participants who enter a snake will have the chance to earn a complimentary ticket to the conference, and the Cascadia Cup Champion will walk away with not only bragging rights, but a Gift card to the Battlesnake Merch Store!

Only 64 spots available for Hack Day so be sure to register soon!

To Participate in the Battlesnake CascadiaJS Cup Hack Day

  1. Register for the CascadiaJS Cup event on the Battlesnake website
  2. Attend the Battlesnake workshop on Nov 1st
  3. Build your Battlesnake using the Battlesnake Getting Started Guide