Proposal to Migrate the Official Battlesnake Community

Let us start by sending a huge thank you to everyone for being a part of the Battlesnake Community, particularly our official community on…

Proposal to Migrate the Official Battlesnake Community

Let us start by sending a huge thank you to everyone for being a part of the Battlesnake Community, particularly our official community on Slack.

Having an accessible space for developers new and old to learn, collaborate and grow has been an incredibly important part of what has made Battlesnake so successful over the years, and that wouldn’t have been possible without the contributions and engagement from all of you!

With that in mind, and considering our growing global audience of Developers, the Battlesnake Team is considering moving our official community chat space from Slack to Discord.

Since you have all been such a big part of the success of our community to date, we wanted to share our thinking about this decision with you, as this is ultimately your space and we want it to be one that you find useful and are excited to engage in.

Why do we want to make the transition?

Below we’ll explain some of the reasoning behind why we think this change will be beneficial for our official community. This move is something we’ve spent a lot of time researching and getting opinions on, including from folks who specialize in helping communities migrate, but know that the decision isn’t set in stone, and we want you all on board with the decision!

Why Discord?

We think Discord will offer some great new features to help make our community an even better place to hang-out, share and engage!

Some of the benefits we are particularly pumped about are:

No Lost Community Knowledge

Unlike Slack, Discord is free for users and organizations, and has no message limits. Considering we hit our 10k message limit on Slack more than 40k messages ago, this means we won’t lose any more of the amazing knowledge and conversations shared in the community.

More Moderation Tools

As our community grows, moderation and permissions will become more important. Discord has more robust organizational moderation tools, making it easier for the Battlesnake Team to keep the community a safe and welcoming space. Additionally, personal safety features — such as the ability to block or mute another user — will allow for everyone in the community to be part of the moderation process.

More Structure and Accessibility

Discord has channel categories, welcome screens, and user roles. As you will see if you are currently on the Battlesnake Discord Server, we have already started to take advantage of these features which make it easier for new members of the community to find channels they care about, and identify Community Members who can best help them.

Easy Voice/Video Chat and Screen Share

With Discord, we’ll be able to create voice & video channels for everything from casual chats to event-specific discussions, just like we did for our VIP Spring League AMA in February! Alongside this easy voice and video, features like one-click screen sharing will allow us to provide more effective support and troubleshooting directly in the Community space.

What would happen to the Battlesnake Slack Workspace?

If we decide to migrate, we plan to operate the existing Slack workspace through at least the end of April to ease the transition and provide support to anyone who needs help with setting up Discord. While Slack will exist, invitations will not be open to new members, and announcements will be made only on the Discord.

When will this happen?

If the transition moves ahead, we’d like to start this migration on March 31st, 2021. From that date onwards, Discord will be the primary place to chat about Battlesnake and meet other Developers.

How do I share my feedback?

Let us know your thoughts in the relevant Battlesnake Slack and Discord #migration-feedback channels, or via direct message to any member of the team. We’d love to hear whether you will join us in the new space, and if not, what we could do better.

Please share any thoughts, concerns, or great ideas by Friday, March 26, 2021.