Spring League Leaderboard Update: A Deeper Dive into the Competition

Spring League Leaderboard Update: A Deeper Dive into the Competition

With another week of Spring League now complete, we are getting a much clearer picture of which are the competitors to watch as the first tournament of the season fast approaches on March 19th.

Who are the Top Tier Bhumba's of the Week?

Despite a few more Battlesnake's entering the Elite Tier of competition this week, not much has changed at the very top of the Spring League leaderboard, with Jaguar Meets Snake, Combat Reptile and Shapeshifter holding-on to the top 3 spots.

With that in mind, we thought this would be a great chance to take a closer look at what makes these Top Tier Bhumba's the best-of-the-best so far in the season.

Jaguar Meets Snake

Games: 1,147 | Wins: 563 | Losses: 584 | Win Rate: 49.08%

Age: 4 months (created November 2021)
Developer: waryferryman
Past Achievements: N/A
Location: USA
- Node
- Typescript
Hosting: Linode
Strategy/Technology Tags: Heuristic

Combat Reptile

Games: 1,059 | Wins: 536 | Losses: 523 | Win Rate: 50.61%

Age: 8 months (created July 2021)
Developer: ambadoom
Past Achievements:
- Fall League 2021 (Elite Finalist)
- Winter Classic 2021 (Elite 1st Place)
Location: UK
Language: Rust
Hosting: AWS
Strategy/Technology Tags:
- Alpha-Beta Pruning
- Iterative Deepening
- GMO (Genetic Algorithm)
- Area Control


Games: 1,267 | Wins: 542 | Losses: 725 | Win Rate: 42.78%

Age: 3 months (created December 2021)
Developer: JonathanArns
Past Achievements: N/A
Location: Germany
Hosting: Linode
Language: Rust
Strategy/Technology Tags:
- Tree Search
- GMO (Genetic Algorithm)

Who is the current Spring League Fan Favorite?

With just one new cheer, BwukMaxi didn't add too many fans to its list of supporters this week, but it was enough to edge out Hovering Hobbs and take the lead as the Spring League Fan Favorite.

While BwukMaxi's secret to fame remains a mystery, we thought we should give it the same Top Tier Treatment as the other featured Battlesnakes this week by taking a look at what makes it tick!

Cheers: 16 | Games: 1,407 | Wins: 426 | Losses: 981 | Win Rate: 30.28%

Age: 3 months (created December 2021)
Developer: Bwuk
Past Achievements: N/A
Location: Denmark
Hosting: Linode
Language: C#
Strategy/Technology Tags:
- Alpha-Beta Pruning
- Iterative Deepening
- Heuristic
- Minimax
- Tree Search

What's happening with the Spring Caster Cup?

After an excellent showing at the North American Qualifiers a few weeks ago, this past Saturday was Europe's chance to shine, as the Spring Caster Cup European Conference Qualifiers took place over on Battlesnake.TV.

After a ton of exciting battles, and of course some excellent Snake Pit Live! shout-casting of some of the best Battlesnake's from across the continent, eight snakes were ultimately added to the list of competitors for the Spring Caster Cup Tournament 🏆

Check out the VOD to see what all went down, then be sure to tune in March 12th at 9am PT / 12pm ET for the exciting conclusion to the 2022 Spring Caster Cup!

Battlesnake Caster Cup - European Qualifier - battlesnakeofficial on Twitch
battlesnakeofficial went live on Twitch. Catch up on their Battlesnake VOD now.

Who is getting creative with their Customizations?

While head-to-head battles are a big part of the Battlesnake competitive season, so too is checking out which heads (and tails) are featured in those battles.

And so, with more head and tail customizations available than ever before, we thought this update was a great chance to take a look through the leaderboard and see what kind of combinations have been showcased so far in the 2022 Spring League.

While we found a ton of creative customizations, some of our favorites included:

  • Becca Lyria - Head: crystal-power | Tail: crystal-power
  • Be Still, My Heart - Head: mustache | Tail: skinny-jeans
  • Boundless Scuttlecoil - Head: lantern-fish | Tail: virus
  • Mollywobbles - Head: trans-rights-scarf | Tail: flake

While not all of these customizations are currently available to the public, stay tuned to the Battlesnake Discord Server and Twitch Channel for more info on how you can get your hands on them in the near future.

Whats happening this week in Battlesnake?

While you can always stay up to date by checking out (or subscribing to) the Battlesnake Community Calendar, we wanted to be sure to give you a quick update on what is happening this week on Battlesnake.TV.

Coding Badly - Thursday, March 3rd at 11am PT / 1pm ET

Join the Joe, Kevin and special guest Gary Hockin, Senior Developer Evangelist at Twilio, as the Coding Badly Relay continues on Battlesnake.TV.

Community Corner: Spring Scrimmage - Friday, March 4 at 5pm PT / 8pm ET

Wind down from a busy week with Naomi, Corey and Andrew as they go live with what are sure to be some exciting Scrimmage Showdowns on Battlesnake.TV.

Good Luck and Happy Battlesnaking!

As always, before we close off this update we want to thank you for reading and to wish good luck to all the Spring League competitors!

We'd also like to send a huge thank you to our amazing Community, and to our wonderful 2022 partners at RBC, New Relic, DigitalOcean and Twilio who make these competitions possible ❤️‌