Summer League 2021 - Tournament Structure

Summer League 2021 banner

The Summer League 2021 tournament will be split into three divisions, each based on a tier from the Competitive Ladder: Gold , Platinum and Elite. The tournaments will use the Royale game mode, just like the ladder, and effort will be made to create 4-Battlesnake throughout all stages of the tournament, including the finals.

Prizes for the Summer League are separated into two types: ladder prizes and tournament prizes.  Ladder prizes are granted to users who achieve the different tiers on the competitive ladder and are primarily snake customizations. Tournament prizes will be handed out to everyone who makes it into the finals of each division tournament, with the champion of the tournament getting a bonus prize. Tournament prizes will be announced live on during the Summer League Tournament on July 31st.

Update - July 30, 2021

After seeing how the ladder has evolved over the last few weeks we have decided to expand the Elite Tier tournament from 16 to 32 Battlesnakes. We will be adjusting our tournament schedule accordingly.

Elite Tier

This is the top level of the competition and geared towards the Battlesnakes with the most consistently high win records.

  • The Top 32 Battlesnakes in the Elite tier will participate in the tournament
  • Earning 12,000 points advance a Battlesnake into the Elite Tier
  • Wins in this tier earn 15 points; Losses earn -3 points
  • Once a Battlesnake has achieved Elite, they will stay locked into the tier and no longer demote and the lowest score they can have is 12,000 points
  • Every user who achieves Elite tier will earn the ladder prize: a Customized Battlesnake Gift

Platinum Tier

This tier is for high-performing snakes that are optimized for competition. It requires a consistently high win rate to achieve this tier before the end of the Summer League.

  • The Top 32 ranked snakes in Platinum will participate in the Platinum tournament
  • Earning 8000 points advances a Battlesnake into the Platinum Tier
  • Falling below the threshold demotes a Battlesnake down to Gold
  • Wins in this tier earn 15 points; Losses earn -5 points
  • Users achieving this will earn the Villain head customization

Gold Tier

A Battlesnake with strong logic that handles food detection, Royale mode hazards and maneuvering around other Battlesnakes will be able to reach the Gold tier at some point during the Summer League competition.

  • The Top 32 ranked snakes in Gold will participate in the Gold tournament
  • Earning 5000 points advances a Battlesnake into the Gold Tier
  • Falling below the threshold will demote a Battlesnake down to Silver
  • Wins in this tier earn 15 points; Losses earn -3 points
  • Achieving this tier will earn the user the Rocket tail customization

We acknowledge this format has some shortcomings — primarily that not everyone qualifying for Elite / Platinum will be represented in the final Tournament. We agree this isn’t great, and will be a focus for us to re-address in the 2021 Fall League.