Summer League Leaderboard Update - Week 5

Summer League Leaderboard Update - Week 5

Sitting only 3 registrations away from an all-time record of 500 Battlesnake Developer participants, the quest for the Summer League crown has never been tougher, with what is sure to be an amazing tournament in store for July 31st.

Current Top Tier Bhumbas

After a short hiatus following some devastating Spring League defeats, the leaderboard juggernaut Pretzel has returned with a vengeance this summer, knocking Pruzze v2 out of the 1st place position after 4 weeks atop the board.

Green Snake too has been a competitor to watch, moving up four positions from last week to take 3rd place on the leaderboard, knocking veteran Battlesnake competitor Blackhole down to 4th position, albeit only by only a slim margin.

In more surprising news this week, Salazar Slitherin has dropped out of the top spots on the board, with more than 2000 points now separating it from the 2nd place it held last week, and less than 50 from falling out of the Top 5 entirely.

Up-and-Coming Competitors

With only 20 points now separating it from the coveted Top Tier Bhumba status, nessegrev-gamma continues to show its readiness to break into the Top 5, while competition regular algea seems content in 10th place for a second week in a row.

Go snake & PepperLongStocking 🧦 on the other hand seem ready to make their mark on the Summer League competition, as they become the two newest members of this Elite summer cadre of Battlesnakes, replacing 🤓 Smart Caterpillar 🐛 & Green Heart 💚 who now only straddle the Top 10.

Sensational Summer Streamers

If you're a regular Twitch or YouTube viewer, you may have noticed a recent uptick in the Battlesnake-related content on each of these platforms, with some amazing developers live-coding their journey up the Summer League Leaderboard.

With this in mind, we thought this weeks update was a great opportunity to check in on where those streamer's are sitting, and to highlight some of the awesome content they have been creating over the past few weeks of competition!

Atop the streamer leaderboard is Dr. Polar Humenn, who after just over 2 weeks has already broken into the Platinum Tier, alongside penelope_zone who currently sits in 38th position with their Rust language Battlesnake.

Quickly approaching Platinum is kunal-kushwaha (Code for Cause) who has advanced to 54th with the new snail head skin, followed closely by sammachin of Coding Badly & Node-RED fame, who in just a week has moved to 74th position, overtaking both whitep4nth3r & MishManners who continue to battle their way to the top alongside some amazing Twitch communities.

Don't Forget to Join a Caster House!

In case you missed the last Snake Pit Live!, the 2021 Summer League features Caster Houses, a fun new way for you customize your Battlesnake while also connecting with our amazing Casters: Aileen, Joe, Chris and Curtis.

To join a house, simply add you favorite Casters head and color to your Battlesnake and join the Snake Pit Live! streams (like the next one on Saturday, July 24 at 10am (PT) / 1PM (ET) / 7PM (CET)) on Twitch to see how your fellow Caster House Developers fare in the battle.‌

‌Thanks for Reading and Happy Battlesnaking!

As always, a huge thank you to our amazing Community, and to our wonderful partners at RBC, GitHub, and AWS who make these competitions possible ❤️‌

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