Summer League Leaderboard Update - Week 6

Summer League Leaderboard Update - Week 6

With more than 500,000 games played and closing in on 1,000,000 points earned, the quest for the title of 2021 Summer League Champion has never been tougher as we quickly approach what is sure to be an incredible tournament on July 31st!

Current Top Tier Bhumbas

If you have been following these leaderboard updates over the past few weeks, you will likely have noticed that not much has changed this week for the Top 3, as Pretzel, Pruzze v2 and Green Snake continue to dominate the competition.

BlackHole and Salazar Slitherinβ€”on the other handβ€”have continued their struggle to remain atop the Summer League leaderboard, with BlackHole knocked down most recently by veteran competitor Nettogrof and their new Battlesnake nessegrev-gamma, and Salazar Slitherin falling out of Top 5 altogether.

Top Competitors to Watch

Further down the leaderboard, though, things are definitely looking much different this week, with Voxel and SneakySnake making their Top 10 debut, and (at the time of writing) competitors Go snake, spaceworm, Algea and PepperLongStocking making way for the triumphant return of Β πŸ€“ Smart Caterpillar πŸ› and Green Heart πŸ’š after their short top tier absence last week.

Leaderboard Peoples Choice

While Algea may have dropped out of the Top 10 this week, they certainly have not dropped out the hearts of the Battlesnake Community ❀️ who with 14 Cheers have made them the Top Cheered Battlesnake of the 2021 Summer League πŸ₯°

Summer Streamer Status

Last week we decided to check-in to see how some of the amazing Battlesnake Community streamers were fairing this summer, and after another week of competition there has definitely been a stream (πŸ˜‚) of upwards momentum! Β 

At the top of the streamer leaderboard are BattlePolar and does this work lol, each moving up slightly this week as they attempt to break into the Top 20 of the summer, using a cacophony of technologies and at least a little bit of aggression.

A bit further down the leaderboard kunals-best-snake had the best week of all, climbing 7 spots to the Platinum Tier with over 8000 points, closely followed by Nodeaconda-RED, battlep4nth3r and Sneki Snek all still on a mission to break into the Top 50.

Don't Miss the Caster House Championships!

In case you have missed the past few Snake Pit Live! streams, the 2021 Summer League has featured an epic competition between the SPL! Casters, with House Champions for Aileen, Chris, Curtis and Joe competing to determine who will be crowned the top Battlesnake Caster of the summer.

This Saturday's Snake Pit Live! stream (on July 24th at 10am PT / 1PM ET / 7PM CET) will feature the exciting conclusion to this epic competition, so be sure to tune in on Twitch to see how your Caster House fare's in the final battle.β€Œ

β€ŒThe Company Showdown Returns

This Snake Pit Live! will also feature the return of the Company Showdown, a chance for Battlesnakes from some of the featured companies entered in the Summer League to compete for fame, glory and (of course) some bragging rights.

Thanks for Reading and Happy Battlesnaking!

As always, a huge thank you to our amazing Community, and to our wonderful partners at RBC, GitHub, and AWS who make these competitions possible β€οΈβ€Œ


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