Summer League Leaderboard Updates - Week 3

After three weeks of competition, check out who is leading the Summer League leaderboard and who are the Battlesnakes to watch as the competition really heats up!

Summer League Leaderboard Updates - Week 3

It's now been 3 full weeks since the launch of 2021 Summer League, and as the number of competitors continues to climb, so too does the level of competition amidst the Battlesnakes yearning for the title of 2021 Summer League Champion.

Current Top Tier Bhumbas

While Pruzze v2 has been a force to be reckoned with since the early days of the competition, so too has BlackHole, who while firmly seated in 3rd place as of last week, has now graduated to the Elite Tier and tied Pruzze v2 for the top spot on the ladder. Close behind, Salazar Slitherin remains in 2nd place moving into Week 4 of the competition, with a mere 400 points separating him from both the Elite Tier and the recognition as top Battlesnake of the league.

Up-and-Coming Competitors

Green may have been the color of the week for strong snakes coming into week three, but as we end off a tough few days of battle, the colors have certainly changed. Climbing four spots from 8th to 4th place πŸ€“ Smart Caterpillar πŸ› has certainly become a Battlesnake to watch closely, as have three new snakesβ€”Go snake, spaceworm and marrrvinβ€”who have recently joined the Top 10, knocking Green Snake down three spots to 9th overall in the competition

New Battlesnakes to Watch

A quick glance at new Battlesnakes on the leaderboard reveals few recognizable faces, but one new competitor who is sure to strike fear into the hearts of those seeking to climb to the top of the ladder is Pretzel. Capturing 2nd place in both the Competitive Elite and Royale Platinum Tournaments during Spring League, and remaining at the top of both leaderboards throughout that time, Pruzze V2 and Snaky McSnakeface may be given a run for their money this week as Pretzel returns for revenge and some epic competition in pursuit of the title of 2021 Summer League Champion.

Don't Forget to Join a Caster House!

In case you missed the last Snake Pit Live!, the 2021 Summer League features Caster Houses, a fun new way for you customize your Battlesnake while also connecting with our amazing Casters: Aileen, Joe, Chris and Curtis.

To join a house, simply add you favorite Casters head and color to your Battlesnake and join the Snake Pit Live! streams (like the next one on Saturday, July 10 at 10am (PT) / 1PM (ET) / 7PM (CET)) on Twitch to see how your fellow Caster House Developers fare in the battle.

Thanks for Reading and Happy Battlesnaking!

As always, a huge thank you to our amazing Community, and to our wonderful partners at RBC, GitHub, and AWS who make these competitions possible ❀️