Summer League Leaderboard Updates - Week 4

After a full month of competition, check out who is leading the Summer League leaderboard and who are the Battlesnakes to watch as the competition continues to heat up!

Summer League Leaderboard Updates - Week 4

We are now officially a full month into the 2021 Summer League, and as the number of competitors continues to set all time records, no Battlesnake can be ruled out as a potential to capture the title of 2021 Summer League Champion.‌

Current Top Tier Bhumbas

For a fourth week in a row Pruzze v2 has continued to dominate the Summer League leaderboard, leaving Salazar Slitherin in a distant 2nd place having just overtaken Blackhole by a razor thin margin. While it will be interesting to see if Salazar can hold on to its narrow lead as we move into the second month of competition, it is the quick rise of two other Battlesnakes which has been the development of the week—with spaceworm quickly advancing from 10th to 5th place, and Pretzel skyrocketing from 110th to 4th place in under a week!

Up-and-Coming Competitors

If you have been following the leaderboard over the past month, you will certainly recognize many of the Battlesnakes who close out the Top 10 of the week—the same top tier bhumbas who have been seen throughout much of the competition so far. And yet, this has been a week full of ups and downs for many of those familiar faces, with 🤓 Smart Caterpillar 🐛 and Algae finishing the month well below their standings last week, and Green Heart 💚 and Nessegrev-gamma overtaking SneakySnake and marvin to obtain two of those remaining top seated positions. Indeed, it seems only Green Snake has been able to hold onto its place on the leaderboard as we finish this week, making a slight comeback from 9th to 7th place after falling 3 spots in the previous 7 days of competition.

New Battlesnakes to Watch

As has become a regular occurrence in these updates, a quick glance at new Battlesnakes on the leaderboard reveals few recognizable faces, but considering Pretzel's meteoric rise in the past week it seems possible that any of these new competitors might still capture the Summer League crown. With three of the five new Battlesnakes hailing from India 🇮🇳 , and an incredible growth in the number of competitors from that area of the world, it will certainly be exciting to see which nations will be most represented in the top positions when the 2021 Summer League competition comes to an end on July 31st.

Don't Forget to Join a Caster House!

In case you missed the last Snake Pit Live!, the 2021 Summer League features Caster Houses, a fun new way for you customize your Battlesnake while also connecting with our amazing Casters: Aileen, Joe, Chris and Curtis.

To join a house, simply add you favorite Casters head and color to your Battlesnake and join the Snake Pit Live! streams (like the next one on Saturday, July 24 at 10am (PT) / 1PM (ET) / 7PM (CET)) on Twitch to see how your fellow Caster House Developers fare in the battle.‌

Thanks for Reading and Happy Battlesnaking!

As always, a huge thank you to our amazing Community, and to our wonderful partners at RBC, GitHub, and AWS who make these competitions possible ❤️‌

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