Summer League Leaderboard Updates - Week 2

After two weeks, who is leading on the 2021 Summer League leaderboard and who are the Battlesnake's to watching moving in to week 3 of the competition?

Summer League Leaderboard Updates - Week 2

With just 14 days since the launch of the new league on June 11th, it has already been a record-setting summer with more than 330 Developers registered to compete for the title of 2021 Battlesnake Summer League Champion.

Considering there are so many amazing Battlesnakes in competition for the crown already this league, we thought it might be a good idea to keep you, our awesome Community, up-to-date on who is currently at the top of the leaderboard and what up-and-coming Battlesnakes might be a force-to-be-reckoned-with in the coming weeks of 2021 Summer League competition.

Current Top Tier Bhumbas

While Pruzze v2 remains in the top spot following a strong showing in the first week of the league, the gap between Top Tier Bhumba's is quickly closing with three Battlesnakes now in the Platinum Tier and Salazar Slitherin less than 500 points away from the top spot on the 2021 Summer League leaderboard.

Up-and-Coming Competitors

Though Algae and Green Heart are certainly two Battlesnake's to watch moving into the third week of the competition, there seems to be a theme of green across many of the bhumba's quickly climbing the ladder towards the Platinum tier, with newcomer PepperLongStocking and veteran SneakySnake close behind Green Snake and Hydra Aius Locutius as they make their way to the top.

New Battlesnake's to Watch

While green may be the theme at the top, red seems to be the primary color at the bottom, with many new Battlesnake names making their debut on the 2021 Summer League leaderboard. One of those Battlesnakes; however, is anything but new, with 2021 Spring League semi-finalist HungerOfHadar v1.1 sure to move quickly up the leaderboard going into the third week of the competition.

Don't Forget to Join a Caster House!

In case you missed the Welcome Show, this summers Snake Pit Live! streams will feature Caster Houses, a fun new way for you customize your Battlesnake while also connecting with our amazing Casters: Aileen, Joe, Chris and Curtis.

To join a house, simply add you favorite Casters head and color to your Battlesnake and join the Snake Pit Live! streams (like the next one this Saturday, June 26 at 10am (PT) / 1PM (ET) / 7PM (CET)) on Twitch to see how your fellow Caster House Developers fare in the battle.

Thanks for Reading and Happy Battlesnaking!

As always, a huge thank you to our amazing Community, and to our wonderful partners at RBC, GitHub, and AWS who make these competitions possible ❤️