Teams are Evolving

Teams are Evolving

As we hinted in the November 2021 Developer Update, we are planning to completely redesign how we represent teams of developers on the Battlesnake Platform. Before we can introduce anything new, we need to retire the existing team system.

This process will occur over a couple of phases, where functionality will be removed from the site. As of now, Battlesnake users will no longer be able to create new teams or invite new members to existing teams.

Team Battlesnakes

Currently, Battlesnakes can be associated with either individual developers or teams. Competitions in the 2022 season no longer support entering team managed Battlesnakes.  

On February 7th, ownership of all existing team Battlesnakes will be migrated to the team leader, instead of the team.  In addition, we will be removing the ability to create new Battlesnakes for teams.

Teams Retired

On February 14th we will be removing all remaining team functionality from the Battlesnake platform. At this time , we will also remove all remaining teams from the system.

Teams 2.0!

We are keeping the details close to our chest for now, but we are planning to release a whole new team feature in the next few months. This new system will be  oriented towards supporting groups of developers to compete together in Battlesnake competitions and leagues.

Keep an eye on the Battlesnake Blog and Discord for more details!